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About #Natural Is Professional

#NaturalIsProfessional is a photo campaign collaboration with Professionals with Natural Kinks & Curls and Happy Hair Boutique. “Natural Is Professional” aims to show that many high-demanding career women rock natural hair in their workspace.

In February 2016, a number of high school students received backlash about their natural hair being “untidy, un-groomed, unkempt and looking like it hadn’t been combed for days.” Also February marks Happy Hair's 3rd Annual 'Love Your Natural Hair' Month. It only felt natural to join the two. 15 Natural Hair Professionals and four up and coming Natural Hair Young Professionals, including a medical engineer, a dentist, a CPA, a future doctor, a business owner and more, came out to show their support for these students and to prepare them “for today’s job market.” The result is countless stereotype-breaking, positive black hair images flooding social media timelines to make people rethink what professional hair can be.

Join in & share your work-savvy kinks and curls!
use #NaturalIsProfessional.

Happy Hair Boutique:

The official hub for Naturals of the Bahamas. With full lines of natural haircare products and accessories for kinks, curls, locs, and fros. And coming soon, the Happy Hair brand is bringing their full service hair salon. Happy Hair promotes happy, healthy hair at two store locations: Harbour Bay and Sear's Hill Road.

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I am heartbroken.
I am heartbroken because we are still having discussions about NATURAL hair in our communities and worst – in our schools. Incase you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, check out this video that has taken our country by storm...

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Campaign Aims To Show 'Natural Hair Is Professional'

A new campaign launched by a local salon seeks to debunk the common misconception that natural hair has no place in corporate settings – a topic that has become a hot button issue in the Bahamas and beyond in recent weeks...

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